Elysabeth Galati - Sphinx Public Relations

Elysabeth Galati - Sphinx Public Relations


Both of the tribe and with the tribe. 


It all started when…

Elysabeth “Lys” Galati was seven years old when she finished reading the leather-bound silver foil edition of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Still overwhelmed by the book, her mother asked “Lys, your math is getting better. Do you want to come up with the adults and play D&D?”. Nothing was the same after that. A simple game night became an origin story.

After a stint with Diamond Comics doing everything from customer service to buyer, Lys saw a gap in the industry. Lots of incredibly creative people who put their heart and souls into products who often didn’t have the time and sometimes skills to promote themselves properly. Sphinx Public Relations started in 2000 and has been an ongoing business ever since.

The company was founded on the idea that all geek voices regardless of budget deserved a chance at the spotlight.


ClienTS Have Included

  • Legendary Comics

  • Paula Garces

  • Manga Classics

  • Arc Dream Publishing

  • Calliope Games

  • Storm King Comics

  • Magic Sword

  • The WorryWoos

  • And many many more…..