I’ve worked with Sphinx Group [our previous incarnation] with several books in my series, and I’ve been incredibly impressed. From their straightforward, streamlined process, excellent communication throughout the campaign, and their effective reach in this challenging market, they’ve really delivered.
— Matthew Phillion, author of the Indestructibles YA novel series
“Sphinx has been our insurance policy, our guide and our spotlight for years. The knowledge and insights to get us in the right place AT the right time.  We wouldn’t be where we are without them!”
— Sandy King Carpenter, CEO Storm King Productions
We poked our nose into the world of comics and discovered it was crazier than we had ever imagined. Lys has been our native guide to that craziness. She’s been an invaluable resource and a steadfast supporter.
— Damian Wassell Jr.- Publisher of Vault Comics
I had a great experience working with Sphinx PR. Their impeccable knowledge of culture has been an incredibly valuable resource for our team. I’d absolutely recommend their services and hope to collaborate with them further down the road.
— Duck Club Management referencing their band Magic Sword
“As an author with a pop culture title published by a large trade/business press, I discovered that even a well-resourced and well-intentioned internal PR team can’t guarantee the exposure your book needs in the media channels that reach the fans, geeks and trusted bloggers. I called Sphinx to help me with a specialized campaign a year after my book’s release and I got more uptake in major media channels than I did for the book’s main launch: 2 AP stories that appeared in over 1000 publications worldwide, a Washington Post feature interview, mentions on NPR’s blog and the Atlantic Monthly, invitations to be filmed in two feature-film documentaries, a live national TV appearance on CBC (Canada), plus a couple of podcasts and mentions on leading comic/pop culture sites. This attention gave my book’s sales a second wind, dramatically elevated my visibility within the target market, and resulted in several promising business opportunities. Lys knew who to contact and how to shape the story we wanted. I can’t recommend her and her team highly enough.”- Rob Salkowitz, author of Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture
— Rob Salkowitz, Author of Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture
“Lys Galati and the Sphinx PR are by no means a “tool” or “service” to implement for your PR strategy. They are an extension of the creative process and a guiding light to success. Let me begin by saying that I am the last person to pay for a service that I could do myself (even if it’s to a minuscule degree). Whenever I see advertisements or receive e-mails from individuals claiming they can help promote my work, I instantly think of Snake Oil Salesmen and hit the delete button. Lys Galati, is nothing like that. She makes no promise she can’t keep or initiate a strategy she doesn’t believe in.

When I began my Kickstarter for Simon Says, I hesitated to go live because I feared we’d barely make the goal of $5,000. Lys acted as an anchor and nudged me forward, always with reassuring words. Shen promoted my project tirelessly, and doubled as my very own Godfather, acting as an unofficial Consigliere of sorts. She advised my steps, calling upon her vast experience in public relations and marketing to calm my worries and guide my voice. By the end of the Kickstarter, we raised $11,667! To this day, Lys humbly downplays her immense contribution to our success, but I can say full-heartedly that without her, we couldn’t have succeeded to the degree we did. She was worth every penny and more, and I made sure to gift her extra for her role.

She unlocks potential and see’s between the lines, to plot the most direct route in getting your project to the masses. She’s Mary Poppins, helping Mr. Banks learn to fly a kite. She’s Shoeless Joe Jackson inspiring Ray Kinsella to build a baseball field. She’s Morpheus helping Neo to unlock his potential and become “The One.” Go with Sphinx PR, it’s the best investment for your creative project.”- Andre Frattino, Simon Says, Pineapple Press
— Andre Frattino, Simon Says, Pineapple Press