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FINALLY .. Cannot wait for this.


On April 27th, ARCHIVOS becomes more accessible, easier to use, and even more valuable to today's storytellers.

More Accessible!

Open Story Catalog
The Story Catalog - where ARCHIVOS Storyteller subscribers share their story setting creations - will become open and free to everyone. No sign ups, no login... just a cornucopia of stories to discover and explore!

Expanded Subscription Model
We will be expanding our subscription models to accommodate every user's needs:

*Introductory Subscriber (FREE!) This free subscription grants storytellers one story setting to build and populate with as many story elements as they need. The setting cannot, however, be shared in the public Story Catalog.

*Personal Subscriber ($6/mo)The Personal Subscription level allows storytellers to create an UNLIMITED number of story settings to help in documenting and developing their stories! The settings cannot, however, be shared in the public Story Catalog.

*Professional Subscriber ($8/mo)The Professional Subscription level provides all the features of the Personal Subscription, plus the ability to share any of their story settings in the public Story Catalog as well as the ability to create User Groups.

*Enterprise Subscriber (request quote)For publishers or storytellers with an extensive canon or developed brand presence, the ARCHIVOS Enterprise Subscription provides an exclusive hosted ARCHIVOS installation with your own URL, personalized branding, and multiple Subscriber accounts for your staff and colleagues.

Easier to Use!
The ARCHIVOS interface is getting a complete overhaul! 

  • Storyteller tools and features will be at your fingertips wherever you are in the program.
  • Story Setting configuration and Story Element creation and editing are bundled into a single interface, allowing quick access to any aspect of your work.
  • "Recent Activity" displays take you directly to whatever elements you were working on, allowing you to pick up right where you left off.
  • Pages now remember sort and filter choices, ensuring they will look the same when you return to them.

More Storyteller Features!
Private Notations
All Story Settings and Story Elements now support private notes so you can keep track of behind-the-scenes plot and background information without sharing it in your story display.

User Groups
Professional Subscribers will be able to create User Groups, granting access to private settings to invited users (like your gaming group or mailing list subscribers). 
User Groups can also grant editorial access to other users, facilitating collaboration, shared world building, and collective story bibles.
Improved Relationship Configuration

  • New UI makes the nature of the relationship clear.
  • Storytellers can connect any two story elements regardless of their type. 
  • Story Element options allow for Events to be connected by causality ("Event X instigated Event Y") or grouped as moments in a larger Event ("Event A is a part of Event B").

Relationship and Element Tagging

Storytellers can now create their own custom tags for any Story Element OR Relationship between Story Elements! This allows each storyteller to create their own unique classification and grouping system for their Story Elements. Classify a relationship as "True Love" or "Arch Nemesis"... designate an event as occurring in "Book 2" or being a part of "Plot Line A"... the sky's the limit! Future development will allow audience members to filter their display by element tags in the Story Web, Living Map, and Timeline, further enhancing their enjoyment and ability to explore your Story Setting.

Intrigued? Get a FREE DEMO while you wait. Everyone who signs up gets a free month Storyteller subscription. 

Friday, Mar 10, 7PM CST
Saturday, Mar 17, 11am CST
Interested? Sign up at ….https://archivos.digital/schedule-archivos-demo/