The Secret To Our Success

What we do is NOT magick. It just looks like it as we have spent almost two decades fine-tuning our process of alchemy. Working with pop culture elements without understanding their place in the geek universe can be volatile unless a holistic view of the world is understood. Everything is connected, even "geek". Magic wands and silver bullets are for fairy tales. Buy into a market and you have today, build into a market and you are set for life. Build a family and you build a brand. Our family contains every level of nerd imaginable.




The Third Coast, Chicago, IL

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Making it happen

What You Do

Public Relations
-booking interviews
-booking signings/events
-press release writing and distribution at retail, b2b, and consumer levels
-convention planning and promotion
-creation and execution of sales campaigns at the consumer, retail, and trade levels
-assistance in creating sales assets
-working with press to create contests, giveaways, and all matter of promotional campaigns
-ad buys and suggestions
-creating partnerships to cross promote complimentary products
-distribution of review materials for releases
-one time consultation critique on website, product and suggestions on how to promote your item (includes limited press list)
Social Media
-ghost writing content as well as interaction on all platforms

*yes we have worked with all manners of kickstarters in every possible way


Our open rates on eblasts are 5 to 10% above average.
Our highest organic social media viewership was 30,000.
Regular coverage in mainstream as well as geek media.


What matters more to you? 100 online friends you have never met or 10 friends who will do anything for you? Impact means more than metrics.


What we Are

We are the blade while you forge the steel. We are about impact. We cut through the noise. We get to the heart of all matters and straight to the people who matter.



“Lys Galati and the Sphinx PR are by no means a ‘tool’ or ‘service’ to implement for your PR strategy. They are an extension of the creative process and a guiding light to success. Let me begin by saying that I am the last person to pay for a service that I could do myself (even if it’s to a minuscule degree). Whenever I see advertisements or receive e-mails from individuals claiming they can help promote my work, I instantly think of Snake Oil Salesmen and hit the delete button. Lys Galati, is nothing like that. She makes no promise she can’t keep or initiate a strategy she doesn’t believe in…” -Andre Frattino, Simon Says, Pineapple Press




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